A downloadable game for Windows

Earth Attackers (I need a better title) is a game inspired by space invaders and Tyrian 2000. Very early in development but it will have a store in between levels that will allow you to upgrade your abilities, which will be important as the game will get harder and harder.

A massive alien ship has appeared on the edge of the solar system and has released smaller drones that have started to liquefy the earth. Can you save the world from total demolition?


DemoDay 15 ver2.zip 39 MB
Earth Attackers Demo Day 14.zip 22 MB


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this game is shit and i am shit

Thank you making this game. I played your game today (2017-05-07) and here are my thoughts:

* I appreciated the simple art style and the shadow effect on the 3D objects really made those objects stand out.

* I would recommend, at the very least, a scoring system so that players may appreciate their progress more.

* The explosions could have a different effect. Having the explosions use the same "shadow effect" as the enemies and other 3D objects make the explosions seem out of place.

Again, thank you for creating this game and I look forward to it's continued development.